Åbenrå 16, the apartment in Copenhagen is sold


Åbenrå 16, the apartment in Copenhagen is sold

The apartment that we built an insulated retractable glass roof on at Åbenrå 16 Copenhagen, is now sold.
The insulated sliding glass roof has a width of 12 meters and a wingspan of 7 meters.
The roof is mounted at a 45 degree angle and follow the angle of nearby buildings, and extends over two floors.

In order to get a building permit on this project close to the famous Strøget , we had to emulate the neighboring roofs.
The solution was to produce a retractable sun visor made from aluminum sheets that is slided on top of the insulated sliding glass roof, up over the ridge.
After er got an OK on the building permit, we started installation of the sliding insulated glass ceiling.
After that was done, we installed the sliding sun visor.

You can open and adjust both sun visor and sliding glass roof in the desired position,
a hot summer day, it is wonderful to open up the glass ceiling, and enjoy the evening sun.

The apartment sold for 16 million Dkr.