Glass roofs for restaurants…

The pros to use a retractable glass roof system in a restaurant can be many.
In the summer you can easily avoid rain, and in the autumn you can prolong the season by just closing the retractable glass roof. If you have an insulated glass roof you can even make it season all year long and let the guest sit under a dark starry winter sky. The cost of installing a retractable glass roof system can pay for itself by the revenue it generates already the first year after installment.

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Glazing systems for offices…

The office is a place where you spend lots of time.
The office partitions should be reliable, have maximum functionality, durability and sound blockage.
With our glasing systems Bentech 5, Bentech 36 or Bentech Freedom you have all that.
Choose between glass walls, glass partitions, sliding glass doors, glass swing doors and know that you made a choice that will last.

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Glass walls and doors for conservatories…

Broadening the home is a fun but time consuming process.
By allowing us to be involved in the planning from the beginning facilitated the process.
Many who have decided to have big windows or any glass ceilings contact us to ask what we can offer. The difference between our opening roofs and skylights or glass roofs are common: They do not have to sit in a “greenhouse / hothouse” for one to vent when you want, and you let in more natural light than if you just use common skylights. The ceilings are uniquely designed for your outdoor space, and the fit is perfect. The end result is a conservatory that you use often and much.

Here are some examples of customers and builders we have worked with.