Un-isulated glass roofs

Un-isulated glass roofs

In the winter you can shut out rain, hail, snow and northerly winds and in the summer let in sunshine, warm and fresh air, and the sounds of birds singing.

Unlimited Versatility

The insulated retractable roof is unique and can be used just about anywhere. For example, in restaurants and residential buildings or over pedestrian ways, swimming pools, atriums, winter gardens, balconies and roof terraces.

Manufactured in Scandinavia and patented in most countries.

A few facts


Air cushions guarantee that the system offers a perfect seal, no matter what the slope of the roof. Laboratory tests have verified practical experience – that perfect watertightness is achieved even at slopes as low as 2-3 degrees. Movements that normally occur in roofs, for example due to wind and snow, are ingeniously compensated for without compromising tightness.

Insulated or Un-insulated

The roof system is available insulated or un-insulated. The insulated version is based on composite profiles and double glass units. The un-insulated system uses aluminium profiles and 6 mm toughened glass or 16 mm double wall polycarbonate panels.


The un-insulated glass roof can be opened manually or by motor. Selected manual opening this can be done using a rod. With a rod, each glass panel openes individually and the temperature under the glass roof is regulated according to your own needs and desires. With the electrical motor, the entire glass roof opens in two directions: First, from the eaves up against roof top – where the motor is placed under the roof, partly from the rooftop down toward the eaves – where the engine is placed on top of the glass ceiling.

Manual or motorized operation

The roof can be manoeuvred manually or by motor.

Remote control units and rain sensors are available as extras.

Self supporting

The roof is self-supporting and the insulated version permits span widths of up to 6.7 metres. The un-insulated version can span 4.2 m without additional steel supports. The roof consists of 4 elements in each section, of which 3 are retractable.

Simple installation

Both types of roof elements are simple to install. They are prefabricated in the same factory as the beams and profiles. This facilitates speedy erection at the building site and provides a much faster solution than conventional glass roofing.


The roof design is patented in a large number of countries.
Bentech sells patent licenses, semi-finished products and fully finished products.


The drive unit comprises a single phase, 220-volt tubular motor. One motor serves two roof segments and its synchronous drive belt is positioned directly under the beam that separates the two roof segments from each other.

The motors can be operated via a remote control or a fixed switch. If the solution requires more than one tubular motor, a remote control must be used. Alternatively, each motor must be operated by its own fixed switch. When ordering your roof specify whether you require motorized operation or whether the roof should be prepared for motorization. Bentech will then manufacture your roof so that you can easily install motors at a later date.

Test results

Norway ‘s Building Research Institute in Trondheim has carried out extensive tests of Bentech´s insulated retractable roof system.
The tests confirm the excellent results noted by our customers in practical experience – that our roofs are both watertight and airtight.


The roof is just as tight when it is inclined at 5 degrees as it is at 35 degrees. It has even been recommended for use in harsh environments, such those experienced along the Norwegian Atlantic coast.

Tightness guarantee

Bentech is the only manufacturer in the world which guarantees that their retractable glass roof is completely waterproof down to an inclination of as low as 2 degrees!

Technical Specifications

1. Maximum span width

Snow load  kg / m2
Roof type 100 150 200 250 300
Insulated glass roof 6,5 m 5,6 m 5,2 m 5,0 m 4,5 m
Un-insulated glass roof 3,8 m 3,6 m 3,4 m 3,0 m 2,9 m

2. Maximum section width at a roof andle of 30 degrees or lower

Roof type Maximum section width
Insulated glass roof 1500 mm
Un-insulated glass roof 1250 mm

3. Type of glass panels

Roof type Surface material
Insulated glass roof 28 mm insulated glass
Un-insulated glass roof 6 mm toughened glass

4. Kulörer på balkar och bärande element

Roof type Colours
Insulated glass roof 2-component PU-enamel, standard white. Other colours to order.
Un-insulated glass roof Standard natural anodized aluminium. Powder enamel in the colour of your choice to order.

5. Lowest roof angle

Roof type Roof Angle
Insulated glass roof 3 grader
Un-insulated glass roof 2 grader

6. Heat insulation

Roof type Heat insulation
Insulated glass roof U-value min. 1,4 including all necessary profiles.

7. Tightness

Roof type Tightness
Insulated glass roof The test confirms the excellent results noted by our customers in practical experience – that our roofs are both watertight and airtight.
The roof is just as tight when it is in incline at 5 degrees as it is at 35 degrees. It has even been recommended for use in harsh environments, such those experienced aling the Norwegian Atlantic coast.
Un-insulated glass roof Laboratory tests of the un-insulated roof have also been carried out at Norway’s Technical Institute in trondheim. This roof functions perfectly even with a wind pressure of 750 Pa on vertical walls and at all roof angles.

8. Weight

Roof type Weight
Insulated glass roof Approx. 40 kg/m2
Un-insulated glass roof Approx. 15 kg/m2

9. Dimensions

Roof type Dimensions
Insulated glass roof Beam dimensions (w x h) 100 x 215 mm
Un-insulated glass roof Beam dimensions (w x h) 90 x 97 mm