Bentech 36

Bentech 36

Bentech 36 is a system of fixed glass walls.
The profile width is 36 mm.

System of aluminum profiles.
The product is custom-made and delivered to the customer with glass assembled in frames and aluminum profiles.
Bentech 36 is a system that fits well in offices where you want to have a sleek look and maximum quality.



  • Aluminium frame 36 mm wide
  • Standard height up to 2500 mm (can be arranged higher)
  • Mounting with standard screw in all material
  • Holes bevöver not be taken for mounting in floors, walls or ceilings. Good, for example, underfloor heating.
  • 6-10 mm filling
    • single laminate / melanin disc with or without sound reduction laminate
    • single glass with or without sound reduction laminate
  • Sound reduction laminate up to 35 dB


  • Sliding door
  • With or without balustrade


  • Rollerblinds that can be set in all heights, good for temporary confidentiality
  • Custom handles
  • Transoms both vertical, horizontal, or both combined.