Bentech Freedom

Bentech Freedom

Bentech’s system is the only one on the market that slides on the bottom side, almost like a sliding window.oisolerat-tak3
In other systems, the glass is hanging from the upper rail, which places greater demands on the fixings and balcony slabs.
Bentech has a completely different design principle than other brands on the market, which is to our advantage.

The doors slide around corners
The glass panes in Bentech Freedom slides around all kinds of corners and even curved circular balconies.
The system is naturally resting straight down into the lower rail without causing stress in bonded joints and fittings, which is a major safety factor for the user.

Easy to clean
The glass panes can be cleaned both from the exterior and interior when all the windows are folded in over the balcony floor.
You never need to lean out over the railing to clean the windows, which increases the safety for the user.

Tempered glass
All the glass we use is tempered by at least 6-10 mm thickness.
The thickness is determined based on the local wind load and the maximum allowable deflection of glass panes.
All glass elements have polished edges, matte or glossy polished.

The gap width between the glass panes is nominal only 1 mm wide.
With this narrow gap water and snow is hindered from penetrating in to the balcony.
The gaps between the glass panes can also be sealed further using crystal clear, transparent cover strips that easily snap on to the glass panes sides.

Opening Mechanism
The opening mechanism is a functionally essential part of the glazing system.
Therefore Bentech invented this ingenious, robust and patented solution that gives the customer great security in operating the window panels.
Bentech frameless balcony glazing can also be installed as a “door system” with heights up to 2700 mm or 106 inches. In these cases, 8 or 10 mm tempered glass is used.
The Bentech Freedom systemes are protected by two patents.

Advantages of a frameless glazing system:
Less service needs
No need of oil and lubricants.
No adjustment of the glass doors over time.
Hanging systems require an additional re-checking and adjustment during the first 2 years after installation, this is not needed with Bentech Freedom balcony glazing.

Reduced risk of injury
The glass panes in some hanging systems can loosen already at a slight mishandling.
Bentech Freedom is a standing system, which leads to a lower risk of injury.

Simplified manufacturing
Easy and fast production requires few machines.
No holes in the glass or glass profiles, a constructive detail required for safety in all hanging systems.
No safety rivets or pins for securing the glass to drop required. This results in shorter production times and lower costs.
Integrated curtain rail as an option – No extra fittings and accessories.
Child safety system is optional.

Quick installation of glazed balconies
Equalization of inclusions and imperfections (building tolerances) by U-profile top and bottom.
All wheels of the gaps is adjustable. This shortens the installation time and makes it easier to achieve as much vertical space width between the glass panes.
The glazing can withstand a certain deflection of the overhead balcony plate without special additional measures must be taken.
Easy sideways adjustment of the gap in the assembly.
All “hanging systems” requires adjustment of the gaps in the upper rail which is a time consuming job. Surplus-labor with hanging system (to go up and down a ladder) is estimated to be 10-15 minutes / m glazing. This time and cost is avoided in Bentech Freedom.
Several mechanical / moving parts in competing systems require craftsmanship of the fitter and contributes unfortunately to a higher failure rate.

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